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XR Solutions

Complete end-to-end solutions for XR, AR, and motion capture systems and workflows. 


The XR Stage at Studio Lab is a complete virtual production solution. Designed for unlimited creative potential and maximum ease of use, the XR Stage provides:


Designing systems from the ground up can be a monumental task. From the very beginning of your project, we're here to capture your vision and make sure nothing is missed in the design and build. 

Physical space and use cases are unique to everyone and we are invested in making sure you have a custom solution that meets your technological and budgetary needs. This means we spec, install, and integrate quality, scalable, equipment so that you can rely on your system for years to come.

Services for XR, AR, and MoCap Include:

  • Demonstrations (virtual and in-person)

  • Design

  • Installation

  • Integration

  • Commissioning

  • Ongoing Support

  • Content Creation through partners Neoscape and NVIZ


Custom systems are complex projects with many components which require design and implementation. We offer comprehensive services and cover areas such as:

  • Led Video Walls and Drivers

  • Tracking Systems 

  • Motion Capture

  • Media Servers and Disguise 

  • Cameras

  • Lighting

  • Audio

  • Control Systems

  • Rigging

A fully-functioning XR stage requires the seamless blending of multiple disciplines and a wide range of technology. It's a lot to wrap your head around, but we are committed to making your solution as easy to use as possible. Working together, you will be ready to tackle any creative challenge.


We know from experience that XR solutions are complex. On top of that, project needs change and evolve over time, and the technical expertise needed to run and maintain systems is ever growing and expanding. Because of this, we offer ongoing support in the areas of:

  • Sales

  • Rentals

  • Testing/R&D

  • Consulting

  • Content Creation through partners Neoscape and NVIZ

  • Service Contracts

Our goal is to make sure that you can push creativity to the limit. 


Our work is never done. Through close relationships with technology partners, Studio Lab continues to develop and test creative solutions to XR's toughest problems. Working in areas such as:

  • Multicam switching in live XR environments

  • Cluster Rendering 

  • XR control through iOS

  • Multi-site Motion Capture/XR

  • Augmented Reality

  • Lens Encoding

  • Custom use camera trackers 

These innovative solutions continue to be embedded in to workflows here at Studio Lab and beyond. Have a problem to dig into or a solution you want to try? Let us know.

Dressing Room

Prepare or unwind in our beautiful and relaxing dressing room. Featuring wardrobe storage, dual vanities with beauty lighting, and two gorgeous restrooms with showers. Towels are provided and laundry is just across the hall.

Gear On-Site

Professional gear is on site and ready to go at a moments notice. Everything from cameras, grip, audio, video, lighting, and more!

Office Space

If you need extra space for a production office or other support spaces, we've got you covered. Clean and comfortable office space can be added to your booking.

Conference Room

Reserve our fully equipped and state of the art conference room. Complete with coffee bar, mini fridge, color temperature sensitive lighting, writable wall, a 65" 4k TV, and 5.1 surround sound. Seats 10. 


Studio Lab has easy access from I-93, a large open parking lot, drive-in bay, a loading dock, and an on-site kitchen. 

Business Perks

All the stuff that should be standard, is. Wifi, printer/copier, security cameras, building maintenance.  


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