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Texas Meets New Hampshire Production

This past month, Tribe Films hosted their production at our Studio Lab Facility. Our sister company, Events United, assisted with the pre-production and production process. The Tribe Films team worked alongside our crew to ensure their clientele was able to bring their creative visions to life.

Our XR stage was involved in the production of this event. The XR stage at our facility offers unlimited creative potential. By utilizing technology such as LED wall and motion tracking, the client could be shown any place through the innovative use of a separately filmed background. All of the virtual production was completed here at Studio Lab. Thank you, Tribe Films for using our Studio Lab facility and having our crew to assist in the production process.

Tribe Films Crew:

Jeremy Robinson - Chief Executive Officer

Matt Engelking - President & Chief Operating Officer

Jordan Laessig - Chief Creative Officer & Director of Production

Michael Sapienza - Head of Production

Studio Lab Crew:

Producer: Benjamin Davis

PA: Shaylyn Kelly, Hannah Favreau

L1: Jake Ohrt

V1: Jon Martell

V2: Joel Pelletier

A1: Aaron Lauzier

A2: Luke Modlinsky

Cam Ops: Kate Hogan-Hines, Vanessa Edwards

Jib: Erik Ljungholm, Kent Rich

Prompter: David St. Germain

Video Wall: Wesley Messina

BTS Video: Pat Dunn

Photo: Shaylyn Kelly

HMU: Lindsay Messina

Headshots: John Benford


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