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Studio Lab Aftr Dark

A packed house was full of excitement at Studio Lab! The energy was high, the lights were vivid with colors, and the bass was reverberating through the crowds’ chests.

The opener, Wes Messina, set the tone for the night, as he challenged the crowd to “bring the noise!” The room was teeming with energy as the headliner, Marc Roche, took the stage. This is what it is to live fully while dancing the night away! Follow for updates on their next show.

The AFTR DARK team is made up of passionate volunteers who gave it their all to make the night one attendees would not forget!

Crew List:

Event Lead / Lighting Designer:

Marketing Lead: @laur.lyons

BTS / Video Creative: Pat Dunn

Content Capture: @dylangagnon13, @duffilufagus

Event Experience Influencer: @ianmessina.eth

Audio Engineer: @lumber_joel

Video Engineer: @wesleymessina.o

Location Host: @studiolabnh

Production Sponsor:


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