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Dropkick Murphys' Live Stream From Derry is the Concert Model for the Coronavirus Era

Updated: Mar 24

The Dropkick Murphys would need to tour the world many times over to reach the number of fans who watched the band’s live stream on Tuesday.

The Boston band’s two-hour show, produced at a soundstage in Derry at Events United, was viewed 7 million times on Facebook Live and nearly a million on YouTube as of Wednesday. With the band’s annual St. Patrick’s Day hometown shows rescheduled for the first time in 24 years because of coronavirus-related closures, the Irish-American punk rockers moved their operations to a studio in New Hampshire, where the only audience was a couple of dozen people operating cameras, lighting and recording equipment.

“It had so many views because the timing was perfect,” said Tim Messina, owner of Events United, on Wednesday. “Dropkicks is the biggest band in the U.S. for St. Patrick’s Day, people needed something uplifting, and everyone is locked up at home, not at bars or restaurants.”

The band had to contend with a nearly empty room, trying to recreate the excitement that usually comes from performing to a raucous, beer-swilling throng of fans. “We helped by making the production fun to watch, kept it raw and energetic with the camera movement,” Messina said.

The Dropkick Murphys‘ Boston shows were rescheduled to September. The band hopes to resume touring in May.

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